Great John Kayce IEdit

  • Constructed the great fortress of Cear Kayce
  • Defeated the infamous "Rhino" in battle
  • Constructed irrigation and other technologies to make the wasteland planet of Azizos farmable

Oswald Kayce IEdit

  • Pioneered the use of air travel on Azizos
  • Constructed the first fleet of air ships know to the Imperium

Harald KayceEdit

  • Pioneered the use of gunpowder in munitions, widely considered the first man to shoot a bullet

Theodore KayceEdit

  • Developed the first magazine fed machine weapons which were deployed to grea affect in the Republican War of Azizos

Gerald Kayce IEdit

  • Constructed the first "Rocket" used  for ballistics ever recorded. Achieved 6 confirmed kills with the prototype

Frederick KayceEdit

  • Built the first interplanetary rocket used by House Kayce
  • Constructed the moon base which is currently used as a space port

Gerald Kayce IIEdit

  • Constructed the first merchant fleet of space faring ships to take goods across the galaxy

Owen Kayce IEdit

  • Began the militarization of House Kayce's more antiquated ships for use as protection from raiders

John Kayce IIEdit

  • Participated in the "Anglo-Dutch Crisis" as a supporter for House Duke.

Oswald Kayce IIEdit

  • Consolidated the Azizos economy after the crash in the Ion Cannon market which is widely considered the worst economic crisis to affect the planet

Hered Kayce IEdit

  • Passed away unexpectedly due to complications from a gunshot wound through his left kidney

Edward Kayce IEdit

  • Participated in the "Great Schism" as a loyalist to Imperial rule

Herman KayceEdit

  • First Kayce to take the office of Chaplain

Winstan KayceEdit

  • Established the Imperial faith as the primary faith in the Imperium

Ronald KayceEdit

  • Established the inquisition to root out any heretics that remained

Alfred Kayce IEdit

  • Developed the inquisition in to a light infantry formation allowing them to better deal with heretics

Hered Kayce IIEdit

  • Participated in the War Of Alus where he earned a commendation for his bravery from the Emperor

Oswald Kayce IIIEdit

  • Colonized the remaining planets in the wasteland that had not yet been placed under imperial rule

Edward Kayce IIEdit

  • Defeated the gillette fusion uprising that attempted to take some of House Kayce's outer colonies

Alfred Kayce IIEdit

  • Secured trade agreements with many of the minor houses allowing House Kayce trade to flow more freely through the Imperium

John Kayce IIIEdit

  • Current leader of House Kayce and Chaplain of the faith
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