Early LifeEdit

Legatus Polar was born on his House's home planet of Zuthien. It is said that Polar was taken from his mother's womb, and to the elation of the doctors and his parents, was in possession of a, significantly impressive for a babe, 2-inch beard. Theories around this phenomenon include that Polar entered puberty whilst he was still an embryo, and consequently had begun to grow hair on his chin 2 months after his conception. Needless to say the little babe was going to go far in the imperium.

Polar was educated at the Imperial School of Insurgence and Sabotage, often shortened to ISIS. This school specializes in teaching its students how best to deploy themselves in dangerous situations with maximum effect whilst maintaining a relative amount of stealth. Polar Beats ,needless to say, flourished in this environment and passed his exiting examination at the age of 8 with flying colours, 6 years before his intended examination date.

Polar then enrolled at the Naval Association of Zealous Interceptors, often shortened to NAZI. This collage took pride in teaching its students about the proper use and deployment of fighter aircraft both in orbit and out of orbit. This proved more of a challenge to Polar as he stayed at the collage for a full year learning all there was to know about fighter engagements before passing his exams at the age of 9.

After Polars successful examination at the NAZI he received an invitation to join the United Kriegs Induction Partnership. A very prestigious company that sought to deploy talented individuals into private legions at high ranks, allowing them to gain field experience before joining the regular legions. The company sent Polar an invitation to become a Centurio in the 26th Seshat Cadets. A legion comprised of volunteers from the homeworld of House Duke. Polar declined this invitation and instead served as his father's deputy for 4 years before gaining his commission as Legate at the age of 13.


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