House Kayce is One of the oldest of the Great houses in the imperium. House Kayce has often had strong ties with the imperiums church and the houses current head, John Kayce, is the Chaplain of the faith.

House Kayce has had a proud history within the imperium and currently holds great wealth and respect as a result. It is often thorized that house Kayce is the wealthiest of the houses although it does not have the strongest military and is far from the most expansive. 


Cear Kayce in the present day

House Kayce has managed to glean wealth from almost every source available to it, and through shrewd investments and cunning deals it has become by most peoples standards the Imperial "piggy bank" although whenever faced with such a comment the retort from its members is that it would prefer to be called the "iron bank".

Current Home World: Azizos

Current head: John Kayce

Current Residence: Cear Kayce

House words: Pro Barbam Mori

Minor houses who pledge their alliegance and their heads:

House Dolanski: Dolan Dolanski

House Hawkins: William Hawkins

House Hyslop: Jon Hyslop

House Lution: Revo Lution

Hous-Kayce Coat of Arms

House Kayce

History of House Kayce

Kayce Dynasty

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