House Beats is by all accounts the imperial firepower. Being responsible for 40% of the Empire's total fighting force it is considered to have the greatest influence over the outcome of the Imperium's campaigns. Although house Beats possesses the very real capacity to overturn the Empire, House Beats has remained a loyal and prestigious house, contributing both in warfare and peacekeeping operations. House Beats due to its immense power often holds a seat on the Senate to advise the Emperor in matters of War and strategy, providing shrewd and simple ideas that have proved to be effective and invaluable to the Empire.

Current Home World: Zuthien

Current Head: Polar Beats

Current Residence: The Imperial Legion Station

House Words: Ut In Barbam

Minor houses who pledge their alliegance and their heads:

House Granunnzaigen: Ian Granunnzaigen

House Maccus: Roman Maccus

House Mcgie: James Mcgie (Conscripted after excommunication)


The charge of House Beats

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