The Anglo-Dutch crisis is the period in history when the the reputable Anglo-Dutch brigade locked heads with the notorious 65y. The leader of the Anglo-Dutch brigade at the time, one Peter Duke, was renowned for being a well meaning and fair ruler of his men, however amidst accusations of abduction from the 65y, the reputation of the Anglo-Dutch began to falter. Not swayed by these problems Peter Duke proposed that a simple solution be given to the problem. Members could not be abducted and enslaved if it benefitted neither party, to achieve this Duke suggested that the 3 great powers of the time join together and form a coalition. This coalition would be know as the Iron Division and would consist of men from the Anglo-Dutch, the 4RGJ and the 65y. This would unite the 3 powers and stop any future conflict between the groups.


The combined fleets of the Iron Brigade

However this only solved the problem for a time until it became apparent that the leader of the 4RGJ and the leader of the 65y utterly detested each other. This completely halted Duke's plan and made it impossible for the scheme to continue to work. As a result of this, the scheme was pronounced "dead" and the 3 individual groups returned to independence, but not without allegiances having been changed. Many Houses that had previously supported one group joined the other and visa versa meaning that there was a great shift in power. Unfortunately for the 4RGJ many of its minor houses opted to join the Anglo-Dutch and so much of the 4RGJ's power was lost.

This split in power and military capabilities caused a rivalry between the groups that would last many generations.

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